Friday, July 3, 2009

At The Zoo!

We had the past two days off. Wednesday, I did things like shopping, cleaning and I gave Jodie a much needed bath. Yesterday I decided to go to the zoo. It has been years since I've been to a zoo. I normally don't like zoo's, they stink and I hate to see animals in cages. The Natural Bridge Zoo is small and some of the animals can run free. The animals in cages have very nice large homes.

I walked in to buy my ticket and saw a line waiting to see some baby tigers. I went over to see them and found out you can have your picture taken holding one of the babies (for a donation). The one that I'm holding is 10 weeks old and her name is Orabelle. When it was my turn, I walked in and Orabelle was making all kinds of loud wild, strange nosies. As soon as I had the bottle in my hand, she just jumped on my lap and started to drink. It was just a little scary at first. After holding her for a few minutes, she started to calm down and I was able to pet her. What a great experience!
Happy Birthday Robin!

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