Sunday, June 28, 2009

A Battle With The Squirrels!

We have a humming bird feeder and a birdseed feeder on our site. I love watching the birds, it is always great fun. Here in the park, the squirrels are just crazy. They always find a way to get to the bird food. The squirrels would get on the tree to jump on the humming bird feeder and managed to tilt the feeder to drink all of the sugar water. We are trying to out smart the squirrels. I had to move the humming bird feeder far from the tree. We hung the birdseed feeder from fishing line (it is very hard for them to climb down the fishing line), so far it seems to be working. We felt sorry for the squirrels and went out and bought a squirrel feeder that you put a dried corn cob in. Now everyone seems to be happy.
Happy birthday to my baby girl, Michelle!

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