Thursday, April 23, 2009

Fire in North Myrtle Beach!

An out-of-control wildfire threatens South Carolina on Thursday, destroying dozens of homes, forcing the evacuation of 2,500 residents and threatening nearby Myrtle Beach, one of the state's largest and best-known tourist draws.The fire started Wednesday afternoon in an area northwest of the 60-mile stretch of popular beach towns known as the Grand Strand. Paul Watts, the fire chief of the South Carolina Forestry Commission, said the cause was under investigation.

By Thursday afternoon, the blaze had spread more than 15,500 acres in eastern Horry County. Many of those acres were forest land, but the fire had also advanced into inland subdivisions in the city of North Myrtle Beach, destroying 69 homes, damaging 100 others and forcing residents to seek shelter with relatives or in nearby hotels. My son Robbie and his girl friend, Melissa live there. Robbie called me and said they were getting ready to head out.

The pictures above were taken by Jessica Doolady. (Robbie and Melissa's room mate and friend)

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Kacie said...

Wow! Scarey... I was at Myrtle beach a few time when I was young with my family. Hope your son's place is OK!?