Monday, March 23, 2009

Some facts about Williamsburg VA!

The city that is now Williamsburg was designated as the capital of the British colony in 1699, and at that point known as "Middle Plantation." Later the name was changed to Williamsburg, after King William III of England. The town received a royal charter in 1722 and officially became the City of Williamsburg. Williamsburg is one point of a historical triangle, including historic Jamestown, the first English settlement in the New World, and Yorktown, where the tide of the Revolutionary War turned at the Battle of Yorktown. Jamestown was originally founded for silk production, but when a fungus ruined the main food source of the silkworms (mulberry trees), tobacco was planted as a cash crop.
The climate in Williamsburg has average highs in January reaching 48 degrees, while July is warmer with average highs near 88 degrees.
We are going to go to Jamestown today.

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