Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Critters Here in Williamsburg

Everyplace we go, we always see different animals. They have flying squirrels and coyotes here. I'm told that the flying squirrels fly down the chimney into the fireplace , then out into the office. They go crazy and someone has to catch them and take them back outside. They bake homemade cookies in the office. The owner thinks that the flying squirrels smell the cookies baking and then fly down the chimney. I haven't seen any of the flying squirrels, but I can hear them in the trees.
People tell me that the coyotes here don't travel in large packs like they do out west. They usually see just one or two of them at a time. The picture of the coyote is one taken by a fellow camper. The picture of the flying squirrel is one I got off the Internet.
The weather here is just miserable. Wednesday it was sunny and 80 degrees. Now it is raining and only 37 degrees. It is going to be cold and rain for days. The awful red clay mud it back! Yuck!

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