Saturday, February 21, 2009

Homeless For The Afternoon!

Friday we had to take the motor home to Camping World to get one of our heat pumps replaced. (the heat pump works the AC and the heat ) We definitely don't need it now for the AC, but I'm sure we will. We have 2 ways to heat the motor home, the heat pump and the furnace. The furnace runs off of propane, the best way to heat the motor home when it is really cold. The furnace is floor heat, the heat pump heat comes from the ceiling and uses electric.

It can be difficult taking the motor home in for repairs, but we have done it many times before. When we take the motor home in for repairs, we are basically homeless for the time it is in the shop.(yesterday we had it in the shop for about 4 hours) We always try to find something fun to do with Jodie and make the best of the day. We usually go to Pet Smart or we find a dog park. Yesterday we did the dog park. Jodie just loves Pet Smart, she always picks out a treat, its just like Christmas for her! It is so easy to make a dog happy! When you have a dog, life is good!

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