Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, this is Jodie! 

Daddy gave mommy a new laptop for Christmas, she now has Windows 7. She seems to like it.  She is on the computer all of the time. When she is not on the computer, she is at work --- "bummer".

Mommy has been real sick with a nasty head cold.  I decided to write this post because she came home from work and and felt bad. Mommy and daddy are drinking some wine and talking. I feel so left out. OK, they did give me some pizza crust, but no wine.

I hope this new year will be as good as the last one. I'm having so much fun here at the campground. I've travelled all over the country with mom and dad. I even travelled all over Mexico with them. I'm a lucky dog. Mom and dad are complaining about the cold temperatures, I don't think it's cold, I love it! I wish I could see some more of that white stuff.

I should get off mom's  computer, I think she is walking down the hall. Oops, I think she is going to catch me on her new computer.

Anyway, happy New Year to all you dog's out there. I hope you have a great year! 



Happy New Year, Jodie!.we wish you lots of swims, walks and runs at the are one lucky dog!
Tucker and Oliver from British Columbia!!

Lynilu said...

Happy New Year to everyone at your place!

Merikay said...


Sam&Donna Weibel said...

Happy New Year Jodie, This is Rigg's the big black Lab from MO. I know another Jodie in Florida ,do you know her too. Hope your Mom gets to feeling better soon, Hey you scored some pizza crusts, My Dad let's me lick the foam of his fingers when he pours a glass of beer, It's okay, but I think beer and wine are highly overrated, the pizza now is a real score.Hope one day to meet you, maybe you can go to the doggie park with me like the other Jodie & Coco did, Do you like to swim? It has a big lake to swim in.See Ya someday soon. Rigg's and his Mom & Dad, (Sam & Donna..)

pidge said...

Happy New Year to you Jodie, and your Mom and Dad.

Judy and Emma said...

Here's a woof back at ya! :) EMMA

Kenny And Angela's Adventure said...

Hope mom starts to feel better soon.

Hope you all have a great New Year.

Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

Halley likes this post. Have a great year!